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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Season 5 - Call of Destiny

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Season 4.5 Vulcanus, Arena

It used to be a popular arena of underworld.
However all the beautiful buildings and monuments were burned down when the volcano erupted all out of sudden.

What’s left now are ashes and blacked rocks which now under surveillance of gatekeeper who has become a stone along the monsters who survived magma.

Background Story
Lorencia where fencing was greatly practiced and its mastery was at the peak, people loved to show off their skills. But this was a privilege reserved only for aristocrats who could afford. Those poor commoners who had neither wealth nor rights had to go underground to fight against each other.

These lack of means resulted in extremity whereby winners will get recognition and praises, the ones who lost had nothing but cold death.

One day deep in this underground arena, torrents of lava poured out and melt down everything. Now what’s left there is the enraged corps of gladiators who still walk around crying out of bitterness.
World Structure

Vulcanus is divided into safety zone and hunting zone. (safety zone is the circled area)
There is no penalty for PK and PVP in the hunting zone. (
No need to Ctrl+Click to attack other character. Mouse-over+Click the character is all you need.
However, in case of PKing party or same guild members, Ctrl key is needed.
Gladiator’s Honor buff will allow you to get high-level items from killing monsters.

A battle ground for characters. A battle will be available after moving to Arena.
When asking for duel in Vulcanus in other maps, warping fee will be deducted automatically as being moved to Vulcanus.
When the duel ends, characters will be summoned back to the safety zone in Vulcanus and the winner will receive ‘Gladiator’s Honor’.

How to use Vulcanus

-Once you reach level 30 (level 20 for Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord), press M key and then click Vulcanus to enter.
-Warping fee is 15,000 zen.
-When the duel ends, you will be warped back to the safety zone in Vulcanus.
You cannot go back by walking.

Modification of Duel System
System Basics

All the duels will be redirected to Arena from now on.
Observer mode is now available, and also the winner will be given a chance to acquire rare items in Vulcanus.

What’s new?

Duel menu is now added to pop-up menu (Alt + right click)
When asked (or request) to duel, you will be moved to Arena automatically.
Up to 4 teams per server can duel at the same time.

The winner will receive '‘Gladiator’s Honor’'.
If you want to watch the on-going game, you may go to 'Doorkeeper Titus'(122,135) in the safety zone of Vulcanus.

‘Gladiator’s Honor’
- Buff duration : 60 mins
- 20% increased EXP (except Master Level)
- allows you to obtain high level items from monsters in Vulcanus.
- 'Seal of Ascension 'or 'Seal of Wealth' will become deactivated in
Vulcanus automatically (Except Seal of Sustenance) and you cannot use
‘Gladiator’s Honor’' and 'Seal of Ascension '/ 'Seal of Wealth' simultaneously.

Monsters (edited)
Zombie Fighter 90/20000/300/345/200/170

Vicious Lava Giant 113/55000/630/680/535/340

Season 5 : Double Goer

At Double Goer event map you must protect a portal from invading monsters.

At every entrance, you will be teleported to a random world which makes the event more exciting.

How to enter

Entrance Level None
Number of Participants 1-5 characters (cannot disband party after entering)
Opening Time Any time, but only one party is allowed at a time.
(You must wait until previous party is finished)
Entrance NPC Lugard: Elveland (49,216)
ETC The level of map will be automatically adjusted
according to the level of character.


Entrance Ticket

Every participant of event map should have one entrance ticket.

Once you collect 5 Sign of Dimensions, it will be converted to Mirror of Dimensions automatically.
Sign of Dimensions can be dropped from monsters that are level 32 or higher in the continent of MU.

[Mirror of Dimensions]

[Sign of Dimensions]


Event has 3 stages. In each stage monsters will walk from end of map, trying to pass the portal.
You have to stop them, before they pass the portal.


Success Less than 3 monsters pass the portal
→ A box with rewards will appear.
Failure - More than 3 monsters pass the portal
- Your character dies during the battle.
(Only the one who died will fail)

Season 5 : Fortress of Imperial Guardian

Barka has 7 different maps for every week. (Monday: Map1, Tuesday: Map2...)
Your mission here is to clear all 1-6 maps and collect 6 all the Secromicon pieces which
will lead you to the boss zone on Sunday.

How to enter

Entrance Level Level 15 or higher
Number of Participants A party of Min2~Max5
If disband party after entering the map,
you will be summoned back to the village.
Opening Time Any time, but only one party is allowed at a time.
(You must wait until previous party is finished)
Entrance NPC Jerint the Assistant: Devias (229,221)
ETC The level of map will be automatically adjusted
according to the level of character

[Jerint the assistant: Devias]

Entrance Ticket
Two different tickets are available for this map.
All the participants should have a ticket if they want to enter the map.

Map Entrance Ticket How to get
Map 1-6
Gaion’s Order
5 Suspicious Scrap of Paper
When you collect 5 of Suspicious Scrap of Paper,
it will be automatically transformed into
Gaion’s Order Suspicious Scrap of Paper
can be redeemed from monsters level 32 or higher.

Map 7

Complete Secromicon

1-6th Secromicon Fragment
Secromicon fragments can be redeemed from boss monsters of
Fortress of Imperial Guardian Map 1-6.
Combine the fragments at Chaos Goblin/Normal Combination to
get a complete Secromicon.

[Suspicious Scrap of Paper]
[Secromicon Fragment]


Time attack is the main key in the fortress of imperial guardian.

Starting Point Battle Zone Warp Zone
Waiting Time : 1 min Time Attack 10 min Waiting Time : 1min
All party members
should enter during
this period. Must kill monsters
in 10 minutes to win. Item repair

Success Kill all the monsters within the time limit.
Failure - Fail to kill monsters within the time limit.
- Character dies during the battle.
- Didn’t warp to a different zone during the waiting time.
- Disband party in the map.

Activated Existing NPC: Moss the Gambler

Who is NPC Moss the Gambler?

Moss is a mysterious merchant who gives out items randomly.
With a small percentage of chances he will give you a rare item that never existed in the Continent of MU.

What is the story behind?

NPC Moss the Gambler has arrived in the Continent of MU after travelling to faraway lands. Exotic items that he has collected throughout his voyage have become the center of attention among Mutizens. Never existed before, these items seem very powerful just by a glance.

Other merchants do not welcome Moss as his way of selling items, which is more like a gamble, do not respect the existing business manners.

Location: Elveland(22,225)
Store Items: Moss the Gamblers items can be sorted into 5 different categories as follows.

Every purchase an items type (Normal/Excellent/Rare), skill, luck and option will be given randomly.
A rare item will have 2-3 excellent options and when it’s made an official announcement and fireworks will appear in the screen.

Item Category


Rare Item Description

Excellent Brova
Blade Knight/
Magic Gladiator
804/149/227/263/40/Cyclone Hit

Excellent Striker Scepter
Dark Lord
Pet Attack Power +43%
468/123/136/148/40/Force wave

Excellent Aileen Bow
Muse Elf
272/1186/203/227/45/Multi Arrows

Excellent Chromatic Staff
Soul Master/Magic Gladiator
Magic power +75

Excellent Raven Stick
Bloody Summoner
Magic Power +78

MU Online Gens PVP System (unofficial)

How to make the Gens PVP System
Gens (Gens) What is the first time since the introduction of siege, the group is the PVP system. Living standards by opposing players 'gens Adrian Dupree'(Gens Duprian) and 'gens banereuteu'(Gens Vanert) is one of up, Forces in the disputed area between the relative contribution of gens acquired through PVP and get some sort of compensation is seryeokjeon system.

Gens Duprian NPC

Gens Vanert NPC

Cautions up
From more than 50Lv genseue can join. You can join one of the genseueman. Reactivation during Gens elapsed before the state has to be 3 days after withdrawal.

Withdrawal Cautions
Guild Master can not leave the genseureul. If you opt gens, the contribution of the genseueseo Active gens is initialized.

Other changes
Genseue party and other parties to bear up if it is not an object. Up at the guild, the guild master and other genseue if it is up you can not join the guild. Union City formed the guild, the guild master and guild master of Nations Union genseuga different guilds you can not bear. If you leave the guild will remain genseuneun.

Before Gens

After Gens

Gens Window Interface
In the System Menu 'gens' or click the shortcut B Gens the information window can be activated.

Show gens information: gens part, the current title (grade) and Ranking Rankings updated 6 times a day total (2:00, 8:00, 12:00, 18:00, 22:00, 24-hour) and Result can be confirmed by the Home Game.

Contributions acquiring Show: current contribution and the need to obtain an absolute ranking to determine the contribution can be (relative ranking is not displayed)

Gens Window Interface

Conflict zone
Genseue in the conflict zone will be allowed to have up. Play in conflict zones without penalty but the stem can be a free PVP, PVP through Gens contribution can be obtained. Limited areas of conflict exist, the entry-level and common areas for hunting experience can earn more.

Local Conflict
Atlantis - Minim lvl 70-90 - Max lvl 150 | Aida - Mini lvl 150 - Max lvl 250 | Kanturu - Minim lvl 160 - Max 400 | Vulcan - Minim lvl - 30 - Max lvl - 400 | Atlantis 1, 2, 3, and will include such details in all areas.
Contribution of Gens Quests

There is a unique mark for each genseuen.Display gens is only available in the disputed area.

Gens After signing up, each for a certain level through affiliated genseuui Butler gens quest NPC can be. Conditions in conflict zones, each corresponding to the entry-level players are given the quest of the disputed territory, quests completed five points and reward the contribution Will be given. If a given conflict area of quests to level, the level of the maximum position to back up its quest to further progress impossible.

One month per month earned by contribution to aggregate the rankings, the top ranked player, who will be given compensation. When you acquire a certain giyeodoman gens ranking title to receive the absolute rankings and comparisons with other players and compete to rank as prescribed by the relative ranking Is divided.

Gens title, absolute and relative rankings Rankings Knighthood (contribution 10,000) until the contribution required by the present title, and that meet the criteria can receive an absolute ranking title. Contribution to a knighthood and becomes more established but the other players have earned more than the highest contribution to the title Will be eligible.

Patch on the first day of each month in compensation after the patch is done. Advanced to the title of the article, or if keeping the player, as a reward from NPC member genseuui Deacons jewelry box can be. Start a reward from the reward will be in within a week. If you are unable to receive over a week.
Gens Rank

Compensation for Gens Rankings

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